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Contact our organizing team so that we can help make a plan for you and your co-workers to join together as a united voice at work. 

By joining together we have the power to provide the better life you and your family has earned and deserve.  When you join our union, you are more than a member; you are part of the family.  We will fight as hard for our family, as you do for yours.

UFCW 227 negotiates over 48 different union contracts.  Our union contracts guarantee you get raises, health care, paid vacations and job security.  These are benefits that will make your life better in comparison to the average non-union worker.

Our union contracts are not just about wages - it's a whole package that you get through your membership.  UFCW 227 also negotiates for your safety, fair scheduling, a just workplace, representation, and so much more.  We make sure that companies are not taking advantage of their employees, because without their employees they are nothing.


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