Use Your Union Membership to Reach Your Financial Goals!

The New Year brings excitement for new possibilities, and we can’t think of a better time to begin tackling financial goals. Is 2019 the year for a new car? A house? Or do you want to improve your credit score?

This can feel like a daunting task, but luckily being a part of our union family comes with quite a few perks when it comes to reaching your financial goals and finding new ways to save! We can help with everything from discounts on cars, mortgage incentives, credit counseling, debt management assistance, and interest free shopping through your UFCW 227 membership!

When shopping for a new car UFCW 227 member Fran Pendleton used with their car buying program. “I had a great experience with this program, finding the best price can be stressful when you need a new car,” said Fran a union member at Kroger 362 in Elizabethtown KY. “The union discount program saved me $5,000. That’s a lot of money!”

If you are looking to take the leap into home ownership the Union Plus mortgage program through Wells Fargo home mortgage may be right for you. With this mortgage program eligible members get $500 at closing, veterans can apply for an extra $1000, and everyone is covered under a special union member hardship assistance program!

Maybe you’re not ready to make a big purchase yet, but you know it’s coming in the future. also offers a free consumer credit counselling session, budget analysis, and money management advice that supplies you with an action plan. You can find this offer under the ‘Money’ section of their website.

If you are working on your credit, but need a way to make large purchases without a credit check or high interest rates. Our UFCW union members can access their “Zebitline”. With the simplicity of linking your bank account or uploading pay stubs; Zebit will offer you a line of credit for interest free shopping! Just make a down payment, and then set up a 6 month weekly payment plan with automatic withdrawals from your debit card. Don’t let your debt increase with high interest rates!

Gain financial freedom in 2019. You can do it with the power of your union membership!

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