Scholarship Winner Angie Hilen: Getting to know you

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1.       What College (are you/will you) be attending?

Transylvania College in Lexington

2.       Have you chosen a major? If so what is it?

Double Major in Education and Spanish.  I look to start in the classroom and then progress to teaching English as a second lauguage.

3.       Who inspires you and Why?

My Mom because she has worked so hard to make sure that I have had everything I need to be successful.  She wanted me to get the best college education possible.

I also am inspired by the women in my sorority. They see the value in scholarships and have encouraged me. I feel I have surrounded myself with successful women.

4.       What is your favorite school memory?

I had the opportunity to go to Spain and study abroad with my Spanish emersion program.  It has motivated me to possibly be successful in another part of the world.

5.       Who was your favorite teacher?

Jamie Mills, my high school AP Psychology, World History and Independent study teacher.  She was very encouraging in a mentor type capacity.

6.       What food can you just not stand?

All meats, I’m a vegetarian.

7.       What food do you use for comfort?

Ice Cream (cookie dough) and Spanish/Mexican cuisine

8.       Where would you go on your dream vacation?

Australia: It looks beautiful from the pictures I have seen and the beaches aren’t as overcrowded.

9.       Who would you be taking on this vacation?


10.   What charity do you support?

Make a Wish and God’s Pantry with her sorority.  She has helped with many fundraisers over the years and they have come to rely on them yearly to restock.

11.   What community events have you been involved with?

Bluegrass Pug Rescue with Mom Sue. They participate in 5K’s, the Fall Festival and Auctions

12.   What is your favorite sport to watch or play?

I played soccer in high school and still enjoy watching the World Cup when I have the time.

13.   In your own words tell us how the UFCW Local 227 has impacted you and your family?

Receiving these scholarships has taken a tremendous financial burden from my family and relieving some stress of paying back loans after graduation.  It has been an honor to have been granted the scholarships that the UFCW Local 227 sponsors each year.

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