For workers a union means more respect and the ability to come together to negotiate with management for better wages, benefits and working conditions. While many companies recognize collective bargaining as a way to solve issues in the workplace, some employers may try to block workers attempts at gaining union representation. When workers stand together they win. 

Typical Employer Reactions:

  • “Give Us A Chance!” Employers may admit to making mistakes and assure those mistakes won’t happen again.
  • Temporary changes or improvements (that rarely remain once the threat of a union goes away)
  • Management may suddenly be very concerned with showing how much they appreciate and respect you as a member of the company.
  • Management may say they won’t listen to the union, even though federal law mandates management cooperate when workers form a union.  
  • Threaten your job, wages or benefits – it is against the law to threaten your job, wages or benefits as punishment for supporting a union.
  • Pressuring supervisors to spread anti-union messages – again, this is breaking federal law.
  • Raising fear of strikes – less than 1% of thousands of UFCW negotiated contracts end in strikes. Only members of the union can decide whether to strike.

Your Rights

When working to unionize your workplace, your employer cannot, by law, ask you about or comment on union activities or threaten you. Should you become the victim of employer coercion, contact UFCW Local 227 Organizing Department at (502) 582-3508 or (800) 443-5191.